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Voyage scolaire en Irlande

Voyage scolaire en Irlande

In February, LFJM 3eme students gathered at the airport in their Ireland hoodies, ready to set off on their journey to Ireland. For many of the students, it was their first abroad school trip and the excitement was high. 

The journey started with the Viking splash tour, offering a dual perspective of Dublin’s charm. During their stay, students explored the local areas of three of the teachers, Dublin, Enniskillen and Derry.  The itinerary was filled with activities from the natural wonders of the Giant’s Causeway to experiencing Irish culture firsthand at a local Galiec club where the students played Galiec, spoke the Irish language and listened to and danced to traditional  Irish music. Furthermore, by meeting the mayor of Derry and exploring Croke Park, the iconic stadium of the Gaelic Athletic Association, everyone gained a further understanding of how Irish sports and music are at the heart of every community in Ireland.

Education was also an important part of our trip to Ireland. Visiting Thornhill College allowed students to engage in a cultural and language exchange with GSCE students.  As well as this, we visited the top universities in Ireland, offering students a glimpse into potential future paths in higher education, sparking imaginations and ambitions alike. Finally, the historical revelations of the Titanic museum offered a unique perspective on the world's beauty and its intricate histories.

 As we concluded our journey with the unexpected beauty of snowfall, it was a time to reflect that the trip was truly an unforgettable experience where we created memories that will last a lifetime. The trip was more than just an educational tour; it was an opportunity for personal and collective growth, and the students certainly embraced the culture and welcomed every new activity and experience with positivity and enthusiasm. They made a wonderful impression on everyone they met, including the families of the Irish teachers, throughout their short but memorable time in Ireland.

Thank you to the dedication of Ms. Grace, Ms. Moore,  Ms. SAA  and Mr Niall (previous teacher) for their dedication and effort in making this trip not only possible but profoundly impactful. 

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