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English in Preschool and Primary

At LFJM, we understand the importance of early exposure to English language learning. That's why, starting from Petite Section in preschool, our students receive a warm welcome into the world of English. They benefit from 5 English periods per week, following the renowned Cambridge curriculum. From CP to CM2, students continue their English language journey with five periods per week, organized according to their linguistic competencies.

English in Secondary Education

As our students transition to secondary school, we continue to prioritize English language development. Students are skillfully streamed into groups based on their linguistic competencies, ensuring an optimal learning experience. In addition to this, we offer a unique Literature Option for students who wish to pursue English as their first language program. This literature-focused group offers 8 English periods per week, providing a strong foundation for their language skills. 

International Certifications

LFJM takes pride in being an official examination center for Cambridge English Language Assessment and an educational partner. Our commitment to international openness is reflected in the various globally recognized exams offered to our students throughout their school journey.
Starting from CE2, LFJM offers optional English language certifications. Students benefit from comprehensive preparation for Cambridge exams, including Young Learners, KET, PET, and FCE. 
Starting 3eme, students receive preparation for the IGCSE First Language, suitable for those pursuing English literature, and IGCSE Second Language exams aligning with the British curriculum.
At LFJM, we believe in nurturing well-rounded global citizens, and our English language program plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.